A Note from the Spirit & Philanthropy Chair

Hello Explorers!

Here you will find the criteria for the Spirit items for the conference. Delegations are encouraged to make Banners, Displays, and prepare a “Roar Call” (roll call) for presentation during the conference’s Opening Ceremonies.

In exchange for your hard work, you can earn spirit points and are eligible to win bragging rights for having the best spirit items. Please note the different requirements for each of the items in preparing the items for the conference.

Following the spirit items list is a list of other ways to earn spirit points. Why all the spirit points you may ask? The delegation with the most Spirit Points will be crowned the Kings and Queens of the Jungle and win state-wide bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Have fun! Be creative! And show us why your delegation is the best!

For any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me at medoer01@louisville.edu. (You should hear back from me within 24 hours).

Happy Crafting!
Marissa Doerger

Banners, Displays, and Roll Calls Oh My!


Banner: Exploration Team Flag

How would you represent your delegation if you really were a group of explorers journeying through the jungle?

Banners will merit spirit points based on:

  • -use and representation of the theme,
  • -representation of the individual university and delegation,
  • -and meeting the following requirements: no larger than 2ft x 3ft and the banner has to be able to be carried (flag pole, string on either side so two people can carry it, etc…).

Banners, Displays, and Roll Calls Oh My!


Display: Jungle

Make your own jungle with animals and plants of your choosing to represent your environment (your campus) to the rest of the state. Will your campus look more like a forest or a concrete jungle? Would your residence halls turn into tree houses? Are there lots of animals on your campus or just a mascot?

Your display will be a small diorama, reflecting how you represent your institution with consideration of the theme. Displays will earn spirit points based on representation of the theme, representation of the university and delegation, and meeting the following requirements: no larger than 2ft x 2ft x 2ft; and must be made out of recyclable material. Added features to displays, such as moving parts can also earn extra points.

Banners, Displays, and Roll Calls Oh My!


Roll Call: Roar Call

We want to hear your roar! How would your delegation behave in the jungle? Would you be nature savvy or struggling to survive? Channel your inner Bear Grylls or Tarzan and share your expedition experience.

Delegations will present roll calls during the Opening Ceremonies of the conference introducing their delegation and conference attendees.
Essentially you’re putting on a skit to introduce your delegation to KARH.

Roll calls should be theme specific, represent the delegation, include the name of your institution and the names of the members of your delegation, as well as meet the time requirement of 5-7 minutes. Delegations can also earn spirit points for safari-related props, costumes, and animal noises.

Additional Ways to Earn Spirit Points


Delegations are encouraged to decorate clothespins representing their delegation and the conference theme. At the conference you can trade the clothespins you make as a way to meet new people from different delegations and get to know the other members of KARH

Social Media

Interacting with the different social media platforms KARH 2016 will be utilizing will also earn delegations spirit points before and during the conference. Stay tuned for Philanthropy Week on social media in January!


Collecting items to benefit the conference philanthropy will not only help out the Louisville Zoo and the animals that call it home but it also helps your delegation earn spirit points!

A Message about Philanthropy

Hello KARH Explorers!

The Conference theme for KARH 2016 is “It’s a Jungle Out There.” Following the conference theme, we have decided to benefit the only zoo in Kentucky: The Louisville Zoo.

Although the Zoo shares a city with the conference host, it serves as a resource for all Kentuckians and we wanted the conference philanthropy to be something that would make sense for students across the state to support.

As student leaders in Housing and Residence Life, we do our best to make our campuses home for each and every one of the residents. Similarly, the Louisville Zoo works to provide homes for the animals at the zoo.

We will be helping the Zoo provide habitats for the animals by collecting items off of the Louisville Zoo’s Wish List. These items (some more than others) are easy to come by in a residence hall setting and I encourage you to reach out to the residents on your campus for help collecting. I also encourage you to reach out to family and friends to see if they have any of the items listed. Below you will find the list of acceptable items. Delegations that collect items and bring their donations to the KARH Conference will earn spirit points on an item-by-item basis.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I can be reached at medoer01@louisville.edu. (You should hear back from me within 24 hours).

Thank you in advance for your efforts and donations!
Marissa Doerger

Louisville Zoo Wish List Items
-paper towel tubes
-large cardboard boxes
-pillow cases
-flat bed sheets
-blankets/quilts (without stuffing or batting)
-shop rags
-boxes of tissues
-dry erase markers & erasers
-used cell phones
Items should be new or gently used.

A special thanks to our sponsors: