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Session 2: 10:00am
HUM 207: Get Into Your Comfort Zone - A Contrary Look at Leadership- Sarah Rohleder
This program is intended to be a round table discussion on the joys and hurtles to planning the student lead conference, KARH. We welcome all advisors and students who want more information or help in planning a conference.

HUM 209: Survive the Ride- Dana Jetter-
This program is intended to show that no whatever what your role is, you are important and needed.

Session 3: 11:00am
HUM 207: Unleash Your Inner Simba! - Katie Flagg
Gain knowledge on student leadership!. We will explore what works best, what doesn't, and get feedback from other student leaders and be able to bring back new ideas and information for their residence hall!

HUM 209: Grooming the Professional Mane- Chris Owens
The purpose of this session is to share best practices and gain advice on how professional staff can groom themselves to be the best resource to students.

Session 4: 1:00pm
HUM 207: Animal Adversity- Hadassah Ward and Anna Yockey
This program has been designed to help current and future Student Staff to connect with and understand different types of residents described as different jungle animals in order to help current/future Student Staff to understand how to approach the problems that commonly occur.

HUM 209: Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! Learn the Dos and Don'ts of Planning a Student Conference!- Jessica Newsom and Amy Chambers
tep out of your "known zone" and into a comfort zone! This session is intended to show student leaders that it is actually healthy to get INTO their comfort zones in a healthy way and look at self-care when the world around you seems to be spinning.

Session 5: 2:00pm
HUM 207: Jelly Jungle Beans- Deepti Adhikari
In college, many residents will interact with people they may not normally associate themselves with, and this program is a fun and interactive way to break the wall and find common ground with people from different backgrounds

HUM 209: Leadership is Followership in Action- Christopher L. Medley
The session will address the negative connotation and social culture around the word "follower" and work to remove this negativity. We will discuss how active and responsible followership transitions into leadership.

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